Adding Personality and Sass to Your Kitchen Décor

The average adult will spend roundabout half an hour in the kitchen daily, with more time spent on cooking and weekly meal preps. Those minutes add up, so it makes sense that your kitchen décor should be enjoyable. Simple changes, like colorful vinyl tile or a vibrant backsplash, can add your personality and sass to your kitchen décor.

Need ideas? Check out these suggestions for bringing more of your personality into the design of your kitchen.

Organization = Happiness

Organization can be one of the biggest joys in your kitchen décor. Where are you putting your spices? How is your Tupperware arranged? Do you have enough shelves for your pots and pans?

When considering a kitchen remodel, you need to overhaul your organization. The perfect layout allows you to effortlessly grab and put back whatever you need. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a spice rack, full and lined up all of your favorite cooking ingredients.

Side tip: You could invest in a kitchen island for more prep space. Line one side of the island with stools for a comfortable dining place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Expand a Small Kitchen with Light, Soothing Colors

Not every kitchen is accommodating in size and space, but you can trick your mind into thinking your small kitchen is bigger than it is. Paint the walls in light colors, like blush pink or neutral light green.

The lighter colors are soothing to your mood while also being reflective of natural light. This creates the illusion of more space because it pulls the walls out from the center of the room.

vinyl tile

Your kitchen décor should evoke relaxation and joy. You should feel at home while you prepare meals for yourself, family, and friends. Having space and those little pops of color can go a long way towards adding personality and sass to your kitchen décor.